Admix Super Concentrate

Admix Super Concentrate

Product Info

Admix Super Concentrate is a high performance waterproof concentrate that has been designed for use as an additive to improve the performance of cement based compounds. A unique latex concentrate, Admix Super can be used in varying dilution ratios to enhance the adhesion, strength, waterproof properties, shrink resistance, and general improvement of cement based systems.

Colour: Milky White

Sizes: 1Litre, 4Litre and 15Litre

Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated formula, allows trades to use 1 product on site and dilute as required
  • Cost effective - can make up to 9 times the volume of mixing liquid
  • Improves water resistance and waterproof properties of cement based compounds
  • Enhances adhesion and flexural strength
  • Improves crack, frost and salt resistance
  • Improves durability and reduces shirnkage
  • Can be used for applications exposed to weather, chemicals, continuous immersion and underground areas
  • Water based, non toxic and solvent free
  • Concentrated formula for excellent economy


  • Waterproof admixture for concrete, mortars, screeds and renders
  • Adhesion enhancer for patch mortars/renders
  • Allows reduced thickness of renders and screeds wth enhanced strength properties
  • Primer and sealing slurries
  • Waterproof additive for bricklayer mortar and pointing compounds
  • Waterproof addtive for cement based tile adhesives and grouts
  • Adhesion bonding agent for renders and screeds
  • Corrosion protective slurry

How To Use

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be prepared thoroughly before commencing. Surfaces are to be sound, stable, dry and clean, free of loose foreign matter including any surface residues or existing coatings. Buildings are to be constructed to relevant building standards and manufacturer’s recommendations are to be followed for all building materials used.

Dilution rates and mix designs 

 A. Undiluted – For high performance conditions, e.g. Immersed areas, Chemical exposure, Optimum adhesion to dense surfaces, Waterproof Mix etc.

Mix design for Sealing Slurry: 1 part of cement + 1 part of fine sand + 1 part of Admix Super liquid.

Mix design for corrosion protective slurry on steel (free of rust): 1 part Admix Super + 1.3 parts cement.

For direct use in other compounds – add liquid undiluted to powder and stir until desired consistency is formed. If trowelling, wet trowel for best workability.

B. 1:1 Admix Super Concentrate to Water - Used for high performance patch/repair mortars, feather finishes, low build screeds (0-20mm) where optimum enhanced strength is to be achieved along with waterproof, anti-shrink, and optimum adhesion properties.

Mix design for high performance render, low build screed: 1 part Admix Super + 1 part water to form mixing solution, then add to 3 parts sand: 1 part cement dry compound.

C. 1:2 Admix Super Concentrate to Water - Used in water resistant and high strength  renders (minimum 10mm), repair mortars, protective screeds, high strength patching, concrete repairs etc.

Mix design for water resistant high strength render:  1 part Admix Super + 2 parts water to form mixing solution, then add to 3-4 parts sand: 1 part cement dry compound. Lime can be added ensuring addition is not greater than 20% of cement content.

D. 1:3 or 1:4 Admix Super Concentrate to Water - Used for water resistant render finishes greater than 10mm thickness; water resistant screeds over membrane systems; patching fillets etc. Additive for grouts and general  tile adhesives.

Mix design for water resistant high strength render:  1 part Admix Super + 3-4 parts water to form mixing solution, then add to 3-4 parts sand: 1 part cement dry compound. Lime can be added ensuring addition is not greater than 20% of cement content.

E. 1:5 or 1:6 Admix Super Concentrate to Water - Used as a bonding agent or general additive in screeds, renders, mortars, pointing compounds etc to improve adhesion, water resistance, and workability of cement based systems.   Ideally used for preparation scratch coat or “bag coat” before rendering.

Mix design for general render or mortar: 2 litres of Admix Super to 200kg of a sand: cement 4:1 mix or  1-2 litres per 40kg bag of Portland cement used in mix design.

F. 1:7 or 1:8 Admix Super Concentrate to Water – General bonding aid or additive to improve adhesion and workability for general screeds, renders, mortar compounds in non critical areas.

After forming Admix to Water solution, use as the mixing solution to the dry compound formed for the desired application

Note: - All measuring guides based on parts by volume.

  • All guides based on use of Portland cement
  • Sands should be clean grades, free of foreign matter
  • Designs  provided are provided as a starting point guide. Can be modified or enhanced for specific trade requirements. Check with Gripset Betta for any specific details on mix designs.

General Information


  • Not to be used over wax/oily surfaces, steel, glass,
  • fibreglass or plastic
  • When using for bonding agent applications, ensure sand is clean.  Fresh Portland cement should be used, cool and free of lumps.
  • If lime is used in mortar, ensure volume is no greater than 20% of cement. No air entraining agents should be used in the mortar mix.
  • If applying renders, screeds over dense or sealed surfaces, best results achieved using sealing slurry primer as set out as Mix Design A over the total surface and applying Admix Super enhanced render  over the sealing slurry in a “wet on wet” application, e.g. apply render over sealing slurry while slurry is in damp state.


  • Before commencing the application, it is recommended  that adhesion of products to be used are tested over a typical area of  the prepared surface to ensure satisfactory adhesion
  • When using as an admixture, mix with clean water. No other additives should be incorporated

Clean up

 In water while wet. Will require mechanical means once dried


  • Best stored at room temperature
  • Avoid cold freezing conditions and off concrete floor
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Shelf life is 12 months in original unopened container