Damp Stop

Damp Stop

Product Info

Damp Stop is a unique primer and protective coating that protects surfaces against rising damp and moisture ingress through walls and floors. Designed to protect surfaces such as concrete, masonry and general porous mineral surfaces to prevent the entry of dampness or moisture vapour into the built environment. Betta Damp Stop is one component requiring no mixing, while offering the advantages of being solvent free and odourless. Also suitable as an anti-dust treatment for aged cement floors and dusty cement screeds.

Colour: Light Yellow

Sizes: 1Litre and 4Litre

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding adhesion properties
  • 1 component product, avoids mixing and rapid drying wastage common with 2 component epoxy based primers
  • Suitable for internal, external underground and immersed applications
  • Can be sand filled for high build repairs (use dry sand)
  • Solvent free and odourless safe in confined areas
  • Time saving and user friendly


  • Priming external floors before applying membranes
  • Protecting timber flooring, carpet and vinyl against rising damp
  • Sealing internal walls of cellars and basements against negative moisture vapour and dampness
  • Sealing internal face of underground walls against residual moisture
  • Preparing and stabilising aged and dusty screeds for floor finishes
  • Priming Hebel and aerated concrete surfaces
  • Damproofing surfaces
  • Protecting surfaces against negative hydrostatic pressure



How To Use

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be prepared thoroughly before commencing. Surfaces are to be sound, stable, dry and clean, free of loose foreign matter including any surface residues or existing coatings. Buildings are to be constructed to relevant building standards and manufacturer’s recommendations are to be followed for all building materials used. Suitable surfaces include:

  • Concrete
  • Cement mortar, renders and screeds
  • Concrete bricks, clay bricks
  • Dense concrete and self levelling compounds
  • Compressed fibre cement sheet and fibre reinforced concrete
  • Wooden floor boards, sanded timbers
  • Hebel surfaces and aerated concrete

For porous absorbent surfaces refer to Prep Coat & Additive primer; for metals, shiny and smooth surfaces refer to Super Primer or contact Gripset Industries.

Coverage and Usage

  • General coverage as a vapour barrier primer and surface enhancer is 1 Litre/6–8 m²
  • Optimum coverage on walls or floors against negative pressure and moisture is 1 Litre/3–4 m²
  • Repairing and stabilising dusty screeds and aged concrete, coverage is 1 Litre/6m². Fine sand can be mixed with Damp Stop resin at a ratio of 3 parts sand to 1 part resin used in this type of application. For areas greater than 1mm, apply by spatula. Do not exceed 3mm high.
  • Lightly stir product before using. Apply with a short nap roller or short bristle brush.
  • Allow 3–6 hours drying between coats.
  • Apply 2nd coat in opposite direction to preceding coat.
  • Allow a minimum of 24 hours drying before applying finish membrane coatings or adhesives.

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General Information

Drying time

Tack Free (primer usage)
Dry Film (ready for overcoat)
2–4 hours
24 hours
* Based on normal ambient conditions of 20ºC, with relative humidity of >60%. As Damp Stop is moisture curing, cool or dry conditions may delay drying.


  • Not to be used over wet surfaces. Able to be used on damp surfaces, but must be free of surface water.
  • Not to be left exposed as finished membrane or sealer
  • Ensure Damp Stop is completely dry before over coating with surface finishes
  • Not to be applied when surface temperature is below 10ºC or above 35ºC
  • This product is a primer and protective coating, part of the Gripset Betta waterproofing system. For all waterproofing applications, this must be used in conjunction with the Gripset Betta range of waterproofing products.


  • Before commencing the application, adhesion of products to be used (primers, membranes, coatings) should be tested over a typical area of the prepared surface to ensure satisfactory adhesion
  • Clean away surface residues from metals, glazed and plastic surfaces
  • Rollers and brushes must be dry and free of moisture when using
  • If applied and exposed temporarily to UV light, product may yellow. This will not affect product performance. Clean surface down and overcoat with desired finish.

Clean up

While wet, clean up with ethanol, methylated spirits or alcohol based cleaners. Once product is dried it needs to be removed mechanically.


  • Best stored at room temperature in dry conditions
  • Avoid humid conditions and keep off concrete floor
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Shelf life is 12 months in original unopened container

Product Guarantee

The Gripset Betta Waterproofing System is guaranteed for 10 years when used to the full specification which requires correct surface preparation and correct usage of: primer, waterproof detailing products and membranes.
Warranty is only offered when complete usage of products as specified has been achieved. Warranty is not offered when this product is used to stop negative hydrostatic pressure in underground areas as conditions of moisture levels and pressure cannot be guaranteed. The manufacturer is not liable and the warranty will also not apply to any defect or damage arising from site conditions, accessories not manufactured or approved by the manufacturer and any contamination in or modification of products or system. For full warranty terms and conditions, email [email protected]