Bitumen Rubber

Bitumen Rubber is a versatile solvent free liquid membrane that can be used as a Bitumen Polymer Membrane or used as a cost effective Bitumen Paint for general applications.  Suitable on concrete, masonry, brick, timber, cement sheeting, metals, aged bitumen and other building surfaces.


As a high quality Bitumen Rubber membrane, this product can simply be diluted with water on a 1:1 ratio to form a cost effective quality Bitumen Paint for use in areas where a membrane is not required, making this the smart choice as a 2 in 1 product for trade and general applications.


Colour: Black
Sizes: 300ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litre and 15 Litre

Features & Benefits
As a Primer

  • User friendly and environmentally safe
  • Ability to apply in thin or thick beds
  • Flexible and excellent adhesion properties
  • Able to be applied onto damp surfaces (free of surface water)
  • Approved for potable water (exposure of 1000mm2/L)
  • Waterproof adhesive for light weight materials
  • Excellent sound deadening properties



  • Waterproof retaining walls, cellar and basement walls
  • Waterproof planter boxes, garden beds, landscaping areas
  • Waterproof fish ponds, stock troughs, water features
  • Waterproof water tanks (suitable for galvanised, metal tanks)
  • Gutter, roof and membrane repairs
  • Rust prevention and timber rot protection
  • Sound deadening
  • Sealing terracotta and garden pots
  • Tree surgery, pruning and grafting


Tools for applications
Tools for application

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