Reinforcing Fabric

Reinforcing Fabric

Product Info

Gripset Betta Reinforcing Fabric is lightweight and designed to be embedded between coats of Gripset Betta membranes to provide protective reinforcement and increase the durability of the finished membrane coating. Exhibits excellent rot resistance and easy to wet into coats of liquid membranes.

Size: 10 Metres x 200mm Roll

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of application
  • No primer required
  • Excellent adhesive properties over metals, plastics, glazed surfaces and dense surfaces
  • Outstanding adhesion retention at low temperatures
  • Instant sealing properties, no drying required
  • Rupture and tear resistant
  • Solvent free and non toxic
  • Ability to cover over with Gripset Betta Membranes and adhesives
  • Compatible with cement based finishes. E.g. tile adhesives, renders and textures


  • Reinforcing non-movement joints and junctions
  • Reinforcing wall junctions in shower areas between wet area linings
  • Reinforcing joint edges
  • Reinforcement over non active concrete cracks
  • General reinforcement to enhance membrane strength and thickness

How To Use

When using Gripset Betta Reinforcing Fabric cut to length with blade or scissors and prepare to position. A liberal coating of the Gripset Betta membrane is applied over the area to be treated and while in a wet state, Gripset Betta Reinforcing Fabric is embedded and wetted into the coat. A flat spatula or stiff brush should be used to remove any air pockets or creases. Subsequent coats of membrane should ensure the Gripset Betta Reinforcing Fabric is totally covered and not visible.

Fabric must be bedded into a wet coat of membrane

  • Ensure fabric is fully wetted into the coat of membrane
  • When applied correctly excess membrane will seep through the face of the fabric
  • Live cracks, flexing joints or movement junctions should be sealed with Gripset Betta Elastic Joint Band or Peel & Seal Tape