Wood Cure

Wood Cure

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A revolutionary timber treatment product that is 100% natural, made from clever nature based technology that enables timber to be unrecognisable to insects and  fungi, allowing timber to look and behave as mother nature designed. Wood Cure contains no solvents and is free of chemical insecticides, fungicides and synthetic chemical additives. It is designed to be applied over timber affected by wet or dry rot, reversing the deterioration process by restoring the integral strength of timber as well as providing a fire retardant protective barrier to the timber surface.  Ideal for timber with rot, aged timber surfaces and new timber surfaces as a protective barrier.


• 100% natural, free of chemicals, biocides, insecticides and fungicides

• Restores timber strength

• Reverses timber rot deterioration process

• Protects against timber fungi and insects

• Fire retardant properties

• No shelf life

• Can be finished over with paints, stains and oils



• Timber rot repairs and strengthening aged timber

• Protecting timber exposed to weather, moisture and humidity

• Fascias, timber eaves, window frames, joists, and doors

• Timber decking

• External timber structures and furniture

• Timber surfaces near children, animals, bees and any exposed timber surfaces to ensure no emission or leaching of hazardous chemicals

• Protective coating to damaged timber before Betta Builder’s Tuff Fill is used